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Machael Posted few hours ago..
Thank you sooo much! :D I've got my Credits quick!
MarcePosted few hours ago.
WOW! It did work. Thank you so much. Just for because my friend has been waiting for 1 hour but ok :)
SaraPosted few hours ago.
I had to try the free v-bucks generator again and then it started.
MonicaPosted few hours ago.
great thanks
LuckPosted few hours ago.
Can I use it on my ipad? I don't know if I can do this :/
KaylaPosted few hours ago.
imo you shouldn't use it too much but few times because if too many people will get Credits, admins might disable this!!
MarcPosted few hours ago.
thank you!!! Can you do this for horses?
MelissaPosted few hours ago.
It is already working and got my 2700 free vbucks
MiaPosted few hours ago.

Posted few hours ago.

I love this StarStable tool but can u do this for other games such as valley town? Thanks!