side quests

Side Quests

There are a lot of Side Quests and Challenges in Fortnite. Some of them grant bacon, experience or other items and some reward you with V-Bucks. Challenges are repetitive for a few times. Progressing in the main questline grants new Challenges and Side Quests. Eventually, you will run out of Challenges and the V-Buck income from them is lost. Side Quests features finding Shielder data samples and completing Storm Shield Defenses up to level 10 after completing each area. Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peak questline end after 6 Storm Shield Defenses leaving behind a 6 level Storm Shield.

List of all known Side Quests which grant V-Bucks.

  • Lok’s Book of Monsters – Gather sample data of a specific type of husk in successful missions. Some reward you with V-Bucks.
  • Lok’s Book of Monsters: Floating Freaks – Gather 20 pieces of Shielder Data in successful missions. 100 V-Bucks reward.
  • Stonewood/Plankerton/Canny Valley/Twine Peaks Storm Shield Defense 7-10 (outside of Main Questline). 100 V-Bucks reward for each completion. 10th Storm Shield Defense of each area rewards 150 V-Bucks.

You can earn total of 2600 Fortnite Free V Bucks over time just from the Challenges. Other challenges are “Eldritch Abominations” which grant an Active Powercell for killing Mist Monsters and “Leave No One Behind” which grant 10 Bacons and good amounts of Survivor XP for saving survivors.

Side Quests rewards V-Bucks